The Office of Legal Services Innovation

The Office of Legal Services Innovation, a division of the Utah Supreme Court, is authorized to oversee the Utah legal Sandbox for new and innovative legal business models and services.  The Office will accept and review applicants to the Sandbox and make recommendations to the Supreme Court as to those applicants to be approved to offer legal services within the Sandbox.


An initiative of the
Utah Supreme Court

supported by SJI, NCSC, and IAALS

Read the August 2019 report “Narrowing the Access-to-Justice Gap by Reimagining Regulation”

'The August 2019 report from the Utah Work Group on Regulatory Reform describes the mission and road maps and details proposals that will guide the Implementation Innovation Office’s work.'

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We are interested in hearing your views and questions about the Innovation Office’s work, and about your interest in participating in the Legal Regulatory Sandbox the Innovation Office is establishing.

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