Utah Implementation Task Force on Regulatory Reform


Read “Narrowing the Access-to-Justice Gap by Reimagining Regulation”

This August 2019 report by the Utah Work Group on Regulatory Reform outlines the mission, plan, and detailed proposals that will guide the Implementation Task Force’s work.
The Work Group proposed updating the rules governing lawyers and allowing non-traditional legal services to be tested and approved in a, “regulatory sandbox.” The work group was chaired by Utah Supreme Court Justice Deno Himonas and former Utah Bar president John Lund. It spent one year working on how best to optimize regulation in a manner that fosters innovation and promotes other market forces so as to increase access to and affordability of legal services.
After the report’s publication, the Utah Supreme Court voted unanimously to approve pursuing changes to the regulatory structure for legal services.
Citation: The Utah Work Group on Regulatory Reform. 2019. “Narrowing the Access-to-Justice Gap by Reimagining Regulation” August, Salt Lake City. Available at https://www.utahbar.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/FINAL-Task-Force-Report.pdf

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