The Office of Legal Services Innovation


Presenting to the Innovation Office

If any individual or entity would like to tell the Innovation Office about the products or services that they hope to supply through Sandbox participation, the Innovation Office is open to having individuals and entities present at one of their meetings in the near future.
Guidelines for presentations:
  • Presentation is not a requirement for participation in the Sandbox but is meant only to facilitate conversation and ideas. Your presentation should be focused on the following points:
    1. (1) how the Sandbox will allow you to innovate - be specific
    2. (2) how might your proposed service, model, product benefit consumers
    3. (3) what kind of data do you have about your target market now and with the intervention from your service
    4. (4) do you have any proposals specific to covid
  • These presentations and conversations will not supplant the necessity for formal consideration and vetting through the Sandbox application process once it is launched and will not entitle you to any special consideration.
  • Please give us notice if there is anything in your presentation that needs to be kept confidential.
  • Presentations will take place through Webex. You will be able to share a powerpoint or other documents.
  • You will have a maximum of 30 minutes for presentation and questions and answers.
  • The audience is the members of the Innovation Office: member information can be found here.
Please email for more information.